How is Case different than PubMed?

Case Medical Research (ISSN 2643-4652 | DOI: 10.31525) publishes scientific videos in collaboration with clinicians, researchers and medical associations who wish to increase awareness of current research and best practices in medicine. Case includes journal articles from PubMed and news and updates from the US Food & Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency and

Is Case free?

Yes, our service is free. The only payment required is if you wish to view a full article and do not have a subscription to that medical journal. In this scenario, the payment goes to the journal, not to Case. If you have a subscription to the journal, you may log in with your username and password to access the full article. No payment required.

Why do I have to pay to view full articles?

We comply with the NIH's Copyright and Restrictions Policy, so Case works like PubMed. Abstracts and other public domain information are free, while full articles are property of the copyright owner and may require payment in order to view.

What if I can't afford to pay for the full article?
Quora has a list of suggestions here.

Getting started

How can I access my Case account?

You may access Case via our Android and iOS apps and the web at

How do I customize my research feed on Case?

Just tap "Customize" on your Home screen and follow/unfollow your preferred topics. Following a broad specialty such as oncology will increase your results, while following a narrower area such as acute myeloid leukemia will decrease your results.

You can also customize your Home feed with new filters to include or exclude specific journals (e.g., Cell or NEJM) or types of research (e.g., Clinical Studies or Guidelines). These filters let you track research in your precise area of focus.

How do I use advanced search?

Enter your search query and tap Search or Enter. On the search results screen, tap "Advanced." Now, you may filter your results by date range and publication type. You may also set a minimum threshold for the number of citations, impact factor and other criteria. Use search operators such as "+" or "-" to refine your results.

How can I save an article to read offline?

Using the mobile app: 1) save the article by tapping the heart icon (this will add article to your Likes list), and 2) view the article. Case will save the article to your device so you can view without an internet connection.

How many research articles does Case have? What are your data sources?

Total count of items:

  • Journals: 20,000+

  • Articles: 19M+

  • Citations: 80M+

Our data sources include:

  • Case Medical Research - ISSN 2643-4652 | DOI Prefix: 10.31525

  • PubMed and PMC (National Institutes of Health)

  • NCBI (US National Center for Biotechnology Information)

  • MEDLINE (US National Library of Medicine)

  • YouTube Science and Medicine

  • Other sources (Cell, JAMA, Lancet, Nature, NEJM, etc)

How do I contact support? Where can I send feedback?

Please email us at  

For video publishers

Are there any guidelines for video creators?

We have a list of suggestions here.